Central Computing facility

It is proposed to build centralized computer centre with about 60 computers in the central computer centre with adequate number of printers with latest hardware specification. All the computers meant for department administration in the individual departments and in the library are connected in LAN. The center will be  provided with uninterrupted power supply through UPS and generators of required capacity.

Central Workshop

Two Workshops of 180 Sq.mts each with sufficient area for each shop with qualitative facilities for instruction in theory and practice to improve training and excel will be provided. The workshops will be equipped keeping in view the syllabus of the courses  and affiliiating body

Other laboratories

1. Applied Science Lab

2. Survey Lab

3. Construction Engineering  Lab.

4. Concerte Lab.

5. Hydraulics Lab.

6. Environnemental Engineering Lab.

7. Geotechnical Engineering Lab

8. Material Testing Lab

9. Computer Aided Design  Lab

10.Structural Analysis and Design  Lab